February 1st, 2022

CTO to develop a blended approach to Capacity Building

Ms Bernadette Lewis, Secretary General of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO), spoke during the opening day of Caribbean Telecommunications Union’s ICT in Education – a Caribbean Forum. The forum recognised the importance of access to technology, its impact on education and the promise it gives to the most vulnerable in society.

Showcasing the latest opportunities and inherent challenges, the forum facilitated greater regional collaboration to support the efforts of governments to ensure that education remains inclusive.

Secretary General Lewis presented the CTO’s new approach to capacity building – one that seeks to have a development impact. She stated:

In this era of the fourth industrial revolution and the pandemic, the CTO will be supporting its members on their digital transformation journey. We are focussed on having a measurable impact in the Commonwealth and beyond.

The CTO has streamlined its operations to build capacity in support of member’s digital transformation plans. A significant aspect of digital transformation is the availability of a trained and skilled workforce that is able to develop the technology, plan, implement and maintain ICT solutions.

The CTO has been involved in developing and administering face-to-face programmes on all aspects of ICTs to CTO members through our programme for Capacity Development and Training but cognisant of the rapidly changing global and technological environment, the CTO will be blending training modes by making use of optimal available technology to develop and deliver training that truly builds capacity for fostering digital transformation.

Photo: SG Lewis speaking at the ICTs and Education: a Caribbean Forum

The Secretary General presented CTO’s new approach to capacity development  on the Panel which addressed Progress of education using ICTs  which was moderated by Mr. Nigel Cassimire, Telecommunications Specialist, of the CTU.  Other Members of the Panel included Dr. Carlos Vargas Tamez, Head of the Secretariat of the International Task Force for Teachers for Education 2030, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Mr Sylvester Cadette, Programme Officer, International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Caribbean Region joined Secretary General Lewis in theme One of the forum.

Mr Cadette outlined the need for regional support of Giga a global initiative of the ITU and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to connect every school to the internet and every young person to information, opportunity, and choice. Whilst Dr. Tamez acknowledged the findings of the report from the International Commission on the Futures of Education, Reimaging our futures together: a new social contract for education.

The event, organised in partnership with the UNESCO and the ITU provided possible solutions for supporting the implementation of practical policies. The Forum is a follow-up to the ICT in Education Leadership Forum in the Caribbean that took place in Barbados in 2012.