No data are completely secure; how can governments and citizens most effectively manage this?

In this digital era, our dependency and reliance on computers and devices has grown exponentially, user need to understand the risks they are potentially faced with. It is also imperative that we understand how to stay safe online and protect ourselves against cyber threats. However, in order to be as secure as possible, we need to use good cyberhygeine – that is, making sure we are protecting and maintaining systems and devices appropriately and using cyber security best practices.

One of the four Commonwealth Cybergovernance Principles adopted by the Commonwealth ICT Ministers on 3 – 4 March 2014 is that “we each exercise our rights and meet our responsibilities in Cyberspace” including meeting minimum Cyberhygiene requirements.

Cyberhygiene need not be expensive or complicated its simply means that we are proactive and vigilant and ensure we take steps to safeguard ourselves and protect against cyber threats, for example making sure your antivirus software is regularly updated.


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