The CTO’s technical support and consultancy division undertakes technical support and consultancy projects for CTO members and non-members.  Over the last decade the Division has become an invaluable resource for a wide range of stakeholders, including multilateral and bilateral development partners, ICT operating companies, ICT Ministries and Regulators, civil society organizations and various industry associations.

Through these projects, the technical support and Consultancy Division aims to help its clients answer critical questions about the development of ICTs in the Commonwealth and beyond, their impact on socio-economic development, and future trends in usage of ICTS.

By producing reports on a range of topics, such as policy and regulatory development, institutional capacity building, business analysis and improved stakeholder engagement, the Research and Consultancy Division has enabled stakeholders to gain a wider understanding of the ICT-driven world they live in, and adapt to it in order to meet their institutional, business and socio-economic development objectives.

The Division also provides technical support and consultancy service for both CTO members and non-members alike.  These consultancies can be on specific themes within any of the CTO’s areas of work, particularly our six niche areas.  Through these consultancies, governments, regulators, operators and any organization or company with a specific focus on telecommunications can gain a greater understanding of a particular area of interest or policy for further socio-economic development.

Our areas of expertise for research, studies, consultancies and advisory services, include:

Policy and Regulatory Issues

    • National ICT Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Effective Governance of National ICT  Institutions
    • Regional and Cross-border ICT Policies and Regulation
    • E-Governance and e-Applications
    • E-Legislation and Regulatory Impact
    • Licensing  and Spectrum Management
    • Interconnection and Tariff Rationalisation
    • NGNs and Technological Convergence
    • Number Portability
    • Cyber Law 

Rural Connectivity

    • Use and Impact of ICTs and Telecommunications
    • Use and Impact of Mobile Telephony, in particular
    • Universal Service Obligations and Access Funds
    • Telecentre Sustainability and Community Access Points

Innovative Drivers and Trends in the ICT Sector

    • Local e-Content Development  and Governance
    • m-Services (m-Banking, m-Remittances etc.)
    • VOIP Use and Regulation
    • ICTs for Disaster Management (ICT4DM)
    • Human Capacity Building for ICTs
    • Broadband Backbone Infrastructure
    • Development of Sustainable Business Models and Products
    • Corporate Social Responsibility for ICTs  

Further Information:

Should you wish to further information please contact;
Technical Support and Consultancy Division
44 (0) 208 600 3800
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