Technical Support and Consultancy Projects

The CTO undertakes a wide range of research and consultancy projects for both CTO members and non-members. Over the years, the Research and Consultancy division has continued to engage and partner with many ICT stakeholders around the world in a number of core research areas including:- Cybersecurity & Cyberscrime, Broadband, Regulatory, Capacity building and ICT digital inclusion. The division is committed to enhance value to CTO members by sharing and disseminating outputs generate through research and consultancy.

The division staff have also participated in a number of ICT forums, conferences and workshops.  A selected list of recent publications and presentations by CTO can be accessed at the CTO ICT Knowledge Bank.

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Further Information:

Should you wish to further information please contact;
Technical Support and Consultancy Division
44 (0) 208 600 3800
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