The CTO’s long history means that many people have either worked directly for the organisation as employees or interns, or benefited from schemes such as the Commonwealth Professional Fellowships that enable them to spend time in the organisation.  We have therefore created an Alumni network comprising former employees, interns and Commonwealth Professional Fellows, both to provide continued support to them, and also to enable them to continue to contribute to the CTO’s activities.

As one of its main objectives, the Alumni network is a mechanism by which the CTO can assist the continued professional development of those in the network. The Alumni network is also a platform for sharing information, both relating to the CTO and to Alumni members, leading to the identification of valuable opportunities for members. The CTO plans to develop this group as a pan-Commonwealth network of professionals who will make practical contributions to the use of ICTs for development.

The aims of the CTO’s alumni network are:

  • To retain contacts with our alumni to help provide continuing support to them in their careers.
  • To inform alumni about the current activities of the CTO, so that they can share this in their workplaces and beyond.
  • To ensure that the experiences and expertise of alumni members can be utilised by the CTO, its members and other stakeholders.
  • To learn from our alumni about various opportunities for the CTO to deliver on its mandate.

Further Information:

For more details on the CTO Alumni Group please contact:
Human Resources and Admin Department
44 (0) 208 600 3800
44 (0) 208 600 3819