Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is chaired by the Chairperson of the CTO Council and is composed of:

  • The Chairperson and two Vice-Chairpersons of the Council
  • Two persons representing the ICT Sector Members, elected by ICT Sector members attending the CTO Forum, one of whom should be elected from amongst Industry Partners and one from amongst Development Partners.
  • The immediate past Chairperson of Council
  • The Chairperson of the CTO’s Programme for Development and Training (PDT)
  • The Secretary General in his or her official capacity.

The current membership of the Executive Committee is as follows:

Honourable Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
Chair – Fiji

Honourable Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Attorney-General and the Minister for Economy, Public Enterprises, Civil Service, Communications, Republic of Fiji

Dr. Jones Killimbe
Vice Chair Person – Tanzania

Dr. Jones A Killimbe

Americo Muchanga
Second Vice Chair Person – Mozambique

Americo Muchanga, Second Vice Chair Person – Mozambique

Gilbert Peterson
Former Chair Person – Trinidad and Tobago.

Gilbert Peterson, Former Chair Person – Trinidad and Tobago

Carol David
Chair of PDTMC – Trinidad and Tobago.

Carol David, General Manager Traditional Services, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago

David Harmon
Industrial Partner, Huawei.

David Harmon, Industrial Partner, Huawei

MT Philémon Zo’o Zamen
Development Partner, Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Cameroon.

MT Philémon Zo’o Zame, Development Partner, Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Cameroon,

More Information:

As one of the organs of governance of the CTO, the duties of the Executive Committee are laid out as follows in Article 8.3 of the Constitution:

  • To make recommendations to the Council concerning the CTO’s strategies and policies;
  • To consider the draft Budget, Annual Report and business plan before submission to the Council;
  • To provide guidance to the Secretary General on the development and management of programme activities, the development of work with ICT Sector Members and other partners and on any other matters where it considers such guidance may be useful;
  • To conduct, on behalf of the Council, the process to select a candidate for appointment as the Secretary General and recommend to Council a candidate for appointment as Secretary General, as and when required;
  • To appoint a Chairperson for the CTO Forum each year;
  • To consider and, if deemed appropriate, to recommend to Council any proposals for the CTO to become an investor in a venture or to use the name of the CTO or any part thereof for another venture, which may create a significant obligation on the CTO;
  • In the interval between meetings of the Council, to act on behalf of the Council within the limits of the powers delegated to it by the latter; and
  • To perform such other tasks as may be directed by the Council.