Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships

The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) believes strongly in working together collaboratively in partnership with other international organisations to help achieve shared objectives for our members in delivering effective and sustainable ICT for development initiatives. Across the world, there is far too much duplication of effort and insufficient learning from the mistakes that have all too frequently been made in implementing such initiatives, and by working closely together with cognate bodies the CTO seeks to ensure that our members can draw on the latest information and examples of good practices that we can help implement together.

The CTO also has much to contribute to other initiatives, through its diverse membership including government ministries, regulators, private sector companies, international bodies, and civil society organisations. Our three operational divisions, delivering high quality research, capacity development and events, provide excellent vehicles through which we can help deliver the aspirations of the international organisations of which we are a member.

The CTO is therefore delighted to be a member of the following organisations and initiatives.

Organisations of which the CTO is a member

Organisations on whose Advisory Boards the CTO is represented