Membership benefits

Membership of the CTO’s Programme for Development and Training (PDT) is open to network operators, equipment manufacturers, communications regulatory, government agencies as well as professional service firms in Commonwealth and other countries. The programme was designed as a partnership for collaboration between its members, and these are therefore referred to as “PDT partners”.

Some of the benefits PDT partners receive include:

  • In-house bespoke training and consulting programmes funded by CTO and developed to meet member-specific strategic and operational needs.
  • Priority and sponsored access to regional and international training programmes.
  • Access to international expertise and exposure to the latest industry best practices.
  • Opportunities for benchmarking and long-term partnerships.
  • Priority registration for other CTO training programmes.
  • Low-cost membership programme providing needs-based professional training and capacity building courses on telecommunications policy, regulation, technologies and telecoms business management.
  • The facilitation of knowledge-sharing within a comprehensive international network of qualified technology and industry experts, who assist them in the deployment of new technologies, the adoption of best practices and the application of business solutions at local level.
  • The opportunity to enable your organisation to maintain its competitive edge against competitors’ Programmes.