Course Title Programme Location Start Date Finish Date
Artifical Intelligence PDT Nairobi, Kenya 2019/4/1 2019/4/3
Consumer Protection and Child Online Protection PDT Nairobi, Kenya 2019/4/27 2019/4/31
Performing a Regulatory Impact Assessment PDT South Africa 2019/4/13 2019/4/17
Cryptographic Techniques in Relation to Cybersecurity and Cyber Criminality PDT Nigeria 2019/6/17 2019/6/21
Regulatory Approaches on New Emerging Services PDT Tanzania 2019/4/13 2019/4/17
Talent and Knowledge management PDT Tanzania 2019/6/17 2019/6/21
Fibre Optic Access Network PDT Botswana 2019/6/17 2019/6/21
Building an Information Systems Security Policy PDT Botswana 2019/7/10 2019/7/17
Digital Sound Broadcasting Standards PDT Tanzania 2019/6/24 2019/6/28
End to End Quality of Service Planning for Fibre to the Home/Building Services PDT Nigeria 2019/10/7 2019/10/11