TCP/IP in 3G

Course Code: TE144


The course introduces participants to the details of TCP/IP and its application protocols and operations. It covers the different options for IP address allocation in mobile subscriber networks, including virtual private network (VPN) access and advanced TCP/IP operations. The course further outlines the differences between the packet data protocols supported by GPRS and UMTS. The emphasis is on the behaviour and specific problems of TCP/IP in a wireless environment. The course concludes with a consideration of TCP/IP performance measurements and possible ways to determine performance in the wireless environment.

Key topics

  • The TCP/IP protocol stack
  • The IP/TCP/UDP header
  • Remote dial-up and the Point-to-Point protocol (PPP)
  • Application protocols: HTTP, FTP, TELNET, RTP, SMTPPOP3
  • Trace examples: email transfer and website download
  • Options for IP-address allocation, including Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS)
  • Operation of TCP, Ipsec, proxy servers, and firewalls
  • IP as packet data protocol
  • Internet Hosted Octet Stream Service (IHOSS)
  • Performance of TCP/IP on a wireless link.

Target audience

Primarily individuals requiring a broad technical knowledge to optimise GPRS networks, understand the implications of merging IP and 3G, or provide content or mobile packet data services, or who are involved in performance monitoring, particularly those involved in 2.5G and 3G network management.

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