Next Generation Markets and Technologies

Course Code: TE97


This course reviews the evolving global standards in relation to next generation networks (NGNs) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) and investigates global trends for network migration to all-IP backbones. It also explains arising interconnection issues as well as operational and implementation challenges. Participants will take part in a practical project involving developing possible frameworks for regulatory policies and governance.

Key topics

  • Global standards in relation to NGNs and 4G/LTE
  • Global trends for traffic migration to IP backbones
  • Applications, markets and technologies driving the emergence and adoption of new technologies
  • Interconnection issues and solutions
  • Policy and regulatory impact of the new technologies
  • Development of a framework approach to policies and governance.

Target audience

Individuals requiring an overview of NGN technologies, such as engineers and network managers; management staff from regulatory agencies involved in licensing, tariff control or technical compliance.

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