Introduction for Fibre Optic Systems

Course Code: TE101


The course focuses on the installation and maintenance of fibre optic networks deployed either within the network as a transport medium between nodes, or as an access infrastructure between the carrier’s central office and a major customer. Participants learn how to investigate and analyse installation, maintenance, planning and routing options.

Key topics

  • Basic theory of optics: optical fibre types, properties, wave guides and light sources
  • Application of fibre optics to telecommunications: local PSTN, ISDN systems, LAN, long distance transmission and FDDI
  • Transmitters, receivers and repeaters: types, basics of operation, amplification and attenuation, types of amplification and optical amplifiers
  • Components: passive and active components (modulators, filters, isolators and switches)
  • Fibre transmission systems: types of transmission, multiplexing, and other transmission formats
  • Fibre system standards: SONET, SDH, FDDI, MIL-STD-1773, AR1773, ARINC 636, OD-C-85045, IEEE 812, ANSI Z-136
  • Fibre optic cabling: splicing, connecting, testing, types and installation of connectors
  • Tests and measurements: basics of optical measurement, testing fibre cable systems, measurement instruments and errors.

Target audience

Individuals requiring a technical understanding of fibre optic cable concepts and applications.

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