Analogue to Digital Broadcasting TV Switchover

Course Code: TE255


This predominantly technical course explains the fundamentals of TV broadcasting systems, exploring the advantages of digital TV both for production and transmission. A substantial part of the course also examines the four main digital TV standards, discussing the technological and economic advantages of each one. Further examination of the value of a national digital plan is followed by a comprehensive illustration of previous analogue to digital switchover case studies. The course concludes with a review of second generation digital TV standards, investigating their advantages over the older first generation standards.

Key topics

  • Fundamentals of analogue and digital communications
  • The analogue TV signal
  • The analogue terrestrial TV broadcasting system
  • Digital TV fundamentals
  • Digital terrestrial TV (DTTV) broadcasting systems
  • DTTV broadcasting network topology
  • Digital TV service provision
  • Analogue to digital switchover
  • Regulatory issues.

Target audience

System planners, broadcast systems engineers, telecommunications engineers, as well as communication policymakers and regulators.

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