Client name: European Commission (EC)
Duration: 2012 to 2015


The project received €1.49M funding from the European Union, aiming to improve the use of ICTs for education purpose. And to help develop a living organisation building kit for learning innovations in schools; a European network of living schools; a complementary facilitators network; a Learning Expeditions (LE) from ideas to action; and also an open pool of ICT technology, data sources and educational resources for schools.

CTO participated in Steering Committee discussion/meetings on seed-funding, reviewed feedbacks to further improve Learning Expeditions and developed strong working relationships with partners in the consortium. Among the major milestones in the project, the CTO conducted a workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa attended by over 20 teachers from over a dozen schools/districts and other education agencies from Gauteng Province.

Expected impact

  • Promote the creative use of ICTs in European education and the problem-based or experiential learning approaches;
  • Enhancing collaboration in learning and in schools;
  • Demonstrating that learning can be enjoyable and intrinsically motivating;
  • Encouraging critical reflection in learning.

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