Mobile Governance for Small Island Developing States – Toolkit Report

Client name: Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth
Duration: Oct 2013 – April 2014


Governance at the United Nations University International Institute for Software Technology (UNU), coordinated by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO), and conducted by UNU in cooperation with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Government of the Republic of Vanuatu (OGCIO).

The project reviewed the national policy context for MGOV4D and did studies and researches on MGOV4D. It also constraining strategy implementation by addressing local conditions; defining the entire extended strategy knowledge base as a strategy matrix; and assigning weights to goals to represent their relative importance; also calculating the rank value for every strategy based on its contributions to individual goals.

The project also organized a workshop to present results and receive feedback from major stakeholders and had the final strategy document based on the agreed upon content.

Expected impact

The report hopes to present some guidelines for implementing MGOV4D strategies, including possible implementation roadmap, short-term wins, initial activities, investment plan, key performance indicators and sustainability plan, to be localized to particular national contexts.

Useful links:

Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Connects’ Developing an M-Governance Strategy for Vanuatu Consultancy, Mobile Governance for Small Island Developing States – Toolkit Report.

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