Development of Five Year Strategic Plan for the National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana

Client name: National Communication Authority Ghana Consultancy, Ghana
Duration: September 2009 – July 2011


The CTO completed a project to assist the National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana with the development of its current 5-year Strategic Plan. Helping the NCA to continue facilitating the fast growth that the country’s ICT sector, it had witnessed over the last decade that Ghana’s mobile penetration rate grew 121 folds.

It provides the NCA with overarching Strategic Objective.

The CTO designed a new institutional framework for the Authority ensuring the NCA has the structure and human capacity to meet its strategic objectives. Proposing some changes to the structure of the Authority, the framework details training requirements that helped the NCA meet current and future challenges.

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Overview of the Strategic Planning Project for the National Communications Authority (NCA)

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