Broadband Strategy for Sierra Leone

Client name: Government of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone
Duration: 2014


This project aimed to develop a project team of international and reputable experts to assist Sierra Leone with developing a national broadband strategy. And it was funded by the German Government development agency GIZ.

They adopted a strategy planning approach to internally manage the formation of a National Broadband Strategy Steering Committee. CTO has served as technical advisor to the steering committee and working groups, and contributed materially to the drafts and final strategy reports.

There are two phrases of the project. Phase 1: Inception and Sector Analysis, which consisted of establishing the steering committee and working groups, and undertaking an analysis of the sector in Sierra Leone to ascertain the current status of broadband in Sierra Leone. And phase 2: Broadband Strategy Development, during which the steering committee and the working groups brought together the findings from Phase 1, consultations and other study inputs, to produce a recommended High-level Broadband Strategy.

Expected impact

  • Inception and Sector Analysis for the current status of the broadband in Sierra Leone by the steering committee and working groups;
  • Produce a recommended high-level Broadband Strategy.

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Government of Sierra Leone

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