Assessment of M-Content Requirements in India and Uganda

Client name: Ericsson, Sweden
Duration: March 2008- October 2008


This summary report presents key findings from a research report produced by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO). Funded by Ericsson, the project called on the CTO to describe and analyse the current and future mobile content (m-content) requirements of end-users in India and Uganda.

Following analysis of survey results from 602 end-users in Uganda and 909 in India, as well as consultations with key stakeholders from government, regulatory authorities, mobile operators, content producers and civil society, this report concludes that the future of m-content in both countries is bright.

Expected impact

    • In order to fulfil the purpose of the project, the following six objectives were identified: 1. Determine end-users’ and institutional (government) users’ requirements in terms of m-content; 2. Evaluate the priority of end-users’ and institutional users’ requirements; 3. Forecast changes in end-users’ and institutional users’ demand for m-content; 4. Forecast changes in the delivery of m-content and developments in the sector; 5. Identify major trends in and obstacles to the development of m-content; and, 6. Identify opportunities for increasing required m-content.

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Summary Report for Ericsson

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