CTO to deliver a blended approach to Capacity Building

The CTO will be supporting its members on their digital transformation journey, to focus on having a measurable impact at home and abroad. Digital Transformation is a process that integrates digital technology into all areas of an organisation or nation, changing the operation of its people and systems.

The CTO has a history of developing and delivering face-to-face programmes on all aspects of ICTs to members through the Capacity Development programme. In the future, CTO will be blending training modes by making use of optimal available technology to develop and deliver training.

The CTO will provide members a blended capacity building programme that holistically supports member’s digital transformation plans. There are many fundamental elements that are necessary in digital transformation. They include public awareness and education, articulation of national goals and the current challenges, specifying ICT solutions, realistic planning, training, and upskilling the workforce and implementation. A significant aspect of digital transformation is the availability of a trained and skilled workforce that can develop the technology, plan, implement and maintain ICT solutions.

The CTO’s primary goal of is to fostering social innovation, supporting, and enabling members to achieve their digital ambitions. The initiative seeks to align the digital capacity building programme to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The aim is to ensure that capacity building contributes to national development, with the extent and success of the training impact to be measured.  The CTO capacity building initiative endeavours to integrate theory and practice to promote skills transference and application across sectors and industry, and to build capacity both nationally and on the international stage. 

Fostering partnerships and collaboration amongst key ICT stakeholders in member countries is central to the future success of the CTO’s capacity building programme. The CTO acknowledges challenges that come with bringing stakeholders together so a united and cooperative programme that facilitates collaborative funding of capacity building projects will ultimately lead to a sustainable digital future.