GSM Signalling Protocols

Course Code: TE135


A course designed to provide an in-depth description of signalling in GSM core networks, including SS7 signalling. In addition, participants are introduced to signalling on A and A-bis interfaces (GSM base station subsystem signalling). All protocols are explained in detail using practical examples based on K15 or K1205 recording files.

Key topics

  • General structure of GSM networks
  • SS7 protocol stack and ISO-OSI reference model
  • MTP (Message Transfer Part) layers 1-3
  • SCCP (Signalling Connection Control Part)
  • Basics of ASN.1
  • TCAP (Transaction Capabilities Application Part)
  • MAP (Mobile Application Part)
  • Common Procedures for GSM mobility management
  • BSSAP (Base Station System Application Part)
  • Overview of signalling on A-bis interface.

Target audience

Primarily engineers and technicians who work for GSM-based mobile telecommunications network providers or GSM network equipment manufacturers, requiring a basic understanding of the GSM signalling protocol. Regulatory agency technical staff involved in signalling issues or quality of service (QoS) relating to mobile communication will also benefit from attending this course.

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