Broadband Technologies and Multimedia Services

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With a diverse range of broadband technologies available for today’s business requirements, it is important that organisations and engineers choose technologies that best fit their requirements. TCP/IP is the communications protocol suite on which the internet and most commercial networks operate. This course provides a comprehensive technical overview of TCP/IP and broadband technologies, along with the practical experience required to configure a host, employ TCP/IP tools, use application services and access TCP/IP-based networks. This course is a structured approach to the concepts and principles of the broadband technologies using the TCP/IP protocol suite, and also identifies protocol functions for multimedia applications.

Key topics

  • Overview and introduction to TCP/IP
  • The TCP/IP stack operation
  • IP routing protocols
  • Overview of broadband technologies (xDSL, DSL, WiFi, WiMAX, UMTS)
  • Design and operation of wireline broadband technologies
  • Bandwidth consideration and optimisation
  • Multimedia applications
  • Network security
  • Overview and introduction to Ethernet
  • IP management, services and quality of service (QoS).

Target audience

Technicians, engineers and their supervisors, and customer and technical staff expected to provide IP configuration and support services.

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