Policy and Regulation

Consumer Protection

Course Code: PO88


Starting with an in-depth description of different markets and regulatory environments, the course reviews factors that affect the immediate environment of the telecommunications industry, with a focus on consumer interests and the need to protect them. Solutions to a range of ‘unfair’ practices by operators are provided. Best practices for consumer dispute resolution, the development of appropriate consumer protection policies, and the role of the regulatory body in establishing a fair and competitive environment are also included.

Key topics

  • Current market trends and regulatory environments
  • The rationale for consumer protection
  • Investigating methods: claims, unfair practices and performance data provided by operators
  • Best practices for dispute resolution
  • Model policies and procedures for a fair and competitive environment in relation to consumer interests.

Target audience

Specialist staff in regulatory agencies and government bodies who need the insight into current operator practices and how they affect consumers. Regulatory affairs managers from the private sector will also benefit from understanding current regulatory trends and benchmarks in relation to consumer interests.

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