Enhanced membership

Enhance the value of the CTO membership, and expand the CTO's membership base.

Enhanced membership

as a membership organisation the CTO is committed to delivering enhancing and delivering value to all its members. As such, it is the CTO’s ultimate goal, to be achieved through specific initiatives:

Development Assistance Programme

The DAP is a new initiative which is aims to raise funds for development activities through members, ICT partners and other financial and development institutions to support members in their various objectives for ICTs. During 2015-16, the CTO secured a commitment for £500,000 from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the UK to support the development of members’ capacity in the areas of cybersecurity strategies, cybercrime and cyber standards, with work ongoing in 10 countries (see Cybersecurity, cybercrime and cyber standards below).

Member Action Plans

MAPs are designed to guide the CTO in responding to members’ needs in areas where the CTO has the capacity to assist, especially in technical support, capacity development and international coordination. Designed to ensure members derive the highest possible value from their membership of the CTO, MAPs are developed through consultation between the CTO and member organisations. MAPs will specify for each requirement the activities that will be undertaken, the beneficiary member country or stakeholder organisations as well as the source of funding. As much as possible, they are mapped to the priority areas of members, and each member has been assigned an member account manager.

Affiliate and Academia membership

Collaboration, knowledge and experience sharing are at the heart of the CTO’s work. Governments of non-Commonwealth countries who previously joined the CTO as ICT Sector Members will now be admitted as Affiliate Member Countries, in recognition of their state status, their ongoing relationship with current Full Member Countries beyond the CTO, as well as the sovereign commitment their membership represents for the CTO. Like current Full Member Countries, non-Commonwealth countries can join the CTO through a government department or a regulatory agency and have observer status at the CTO Council.

In recognition of the non-profit making and the funding challenge most academic institutions face, and considering also the special role of education in building information societies, universities and other tertiary academic institutions will no longer be admitted as ICT Sector Members, but rather as Academia Members. Benefits include annual membership contributions significantly below those paid by ICT Sector Members (see Units of Membership Contributions below).

A single unit of membership contribution

In order to consolidate previously separate membership financial contribution rates into a single, simpler and fairer system, the CTO introduced the annual unit of membership contribution (UMC), currently set at £25,000/year. Therefore, members annual contributions now range from £2,500 to £25,000. For more details, see How to join.