Title Presented by Title – Organisation
Satellites for 5G Universal connectivity Daniel Mah SES
How important will frequency bands be in providing a solution Davood Molkdar CASiTEL
Use Cases and international perspectives in spectrum sharing Dean Bubley Disruptive-Analyst
Use Cases and international perspectives in spectrum sharing Diana Tomimura ITU
How can the rollout of 5G infrastructure and networks be coordinated Dr Yao Wenbing Huawei
Satellite Issues relating to regulation Theo Bougouin Avanti
Studies on development of a regulatory framework for earth stations in motion operating Ular Kaldassaun Inmarsat
Spectrum sharing and exclusive use Anna Coast Telcoconsulting
Spectrum auction failure and how to avoid it Ade Ajibulu Coleago
What roles can technologies such as AI play in creating more efficient spectrum management system Colin Thompson Access Partnership
Universal free connectivity Geoff Varrall RTT Programmes
Analysis of Auction formats Marc Eschenburg Aetha Consulting
Studies for considering appropriate regulatory actions for HAPSs Ogbonnaya Anicho Liverpool Hope University
What role can refarming play as an alternative to spectrum re-assignment Tebogo Ketshabile BOCRA
Current Status and position of Mauritius Jerome Louis ICTA
Overview of Various Regional preparations towards WRC-19 John Lewis APG
_Current Status and position of Trinidad and Tobago Kirk Sookram TATT
Highlights of WRC15 commonwealth Prep meeting Leonard Obonyo CTO
Current Status and Position of Jamaica Maria Myers Hamilton SMA
Regional Preperations Towards WRC-19 Peter Faris European Communications Office
Thinking point for WRC preperations Richard Womersley LS TElecoms
Current status and position of Republic of Vanuatu Robert Abbil Vanuatu
Current Status and position of Botswana Tebogo Ketshabile BOCRA