November 18th, 2021

Soft launch of the CTO’s Online Learning Resource Centre

The 1st of November 2021 marked a milestone in the history of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) Programme for Development and Training (PDT) with a virtual soft launch of its Online Learning Resource Centre (OLRC).

Attended by members of the PDT, the soft launch featured an address by the Chair of PDT Management Committee Mr Peter Tladinyane, Director, Human Resources, Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA). In his address, Mr. Tladinyane noted that online learning is the way forward for training and welcomed the initiative, asking PDT members to take full advantage of the facility.

Secretary General Lewis extended a warm welcome to members of the PDT. She noted the implementation of the OLRC has been long-awaited stating that

At the Liaison Officers Meeting in May the CTO Secretariat presented the concept for a successor programme to the Programme for Development and Training (PDT). The concept included an online self-based learning facility, and we are pleased to share with members today the CTO’s Online Learning Resource Centre.

The PDT as a one-dimensional training facility has served its purpose. The successor programme to PDT represents a blended approach to learning of which the OLRC is an integral part.

Secretary General Lewis requested members to test the OLRC’s functionality and review its resources during the 4-week trial period and provide feedback. She stressed that members’ feedback would be important for the CTO to ensure the final product exceeds their expectations for online learning. She also indicated that while most of the current programmes focussed on soft skills, that as the OLRC matures, more technical programmes will be added.

Ms. Letang Kekwaletswe, Manager Capacity Development and Training provided details of the OLRC’s content and functionality and the CTO’s strategic partner in the OLRC, Caribbean Institute of Leadership and Coaching (CILC), represented by Mr. Ian Blanchard provided further insight on the features of the facility.

A Cultural Interlude featuring one of Botswana’s celebrated Setswana (Tswana) oral poets, Mr Moroka Moreri delivered  a compelling message calling for digital transformation to deliver socio-economic development not just for Botswana but the entire Commonwealth.

In his vote of thanks, Mr. James Akwe, Master of Ceremonies for the Soft Launch and Senior Programme Officer – Capacity Development and Training, enthusiastically thanked PDT members for participating and encouraged them to actively participate in the trials. He also thanked BOCRA for providing the Cultural Interlude which was warmly received by all.