Fellows profiles


Deputy Manager information technology, of the Nigerian Communications Commission

Ebele Akwara

To arrive at the proposed framework, I reviewed research conducted by former fellows—Gilbert Mugeni (CA, Kenya), on ‘A Survey of Replicable Mobile VAS and Applications in the Developing Countries of the Commonwealth’ and Aderonke Adeniyi (NCC, Nigeria) on ‘National approach to promote Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) and Applications in Nigeria’. I also reviewed the 2017 CTO Commonwealth ICT Applications Forum Report.

The trends of successful Mobile ICT Applications in the world from 14 countries (7 developed and 7 developing) were studied, of which the performance of these countries were compared based on 8 indicators to rank their level of preparedness to being ICT Application driven economies.

The framework highlights three requirements that will aid the success of Mobile ICT Applications in developing countries, bearing in mind the existing ecosystem and issues that affect these Countries.

This report recommends that CTO, using the Commonwealth ICT Applications Forums as the platform, can drive this framework by inviting key stakeholders of Commonwealth developing Countries to design a strategic Action Plan towards implementing the requirements in the proposed framework, in order to achieve successful Mobile ICT applications that contribute to economic growth.

Manager of Policy Competition and economic analysis, of the Nigerian Communications Commission

Temitope Orebe

His work was to study past Commonwealth ICT Investment programs; articulate subject areas covered and their relevance to the current ICT sector.
The work study was approached through questionnaires; theoretical research; and review of similar ICT investment fora across the globe. It was an opportunity to engage with past speakers, industry leaders; international & regional organisations and academic experts.

A list of potential areas of investment was obtained and this includes investment in mobile device market, NGN opportunities, 5G, Broadband (i.e. FTTH and IoT), export of ICT products and intellectuals (i.e. Research & Development) shared infrastructures, attractive locations, policy reforms capacity building, etc.
The outcome of this extensive research resulted in the preparation of the Program for Commonwealth ICT Investment 2018 which featured investors/ financiers, relevant ICT operators, academia as well top government officials to discuss where to invest; how to invest; what mix of financing models, during the investment forum.

Assistant Manager of regulatory affairs at the Communications Authority of kenya

Robin Busolo

As ICTs are a fast-evolving field they require strong and effective governance to realise their full potential. Robin will identify emerging technologies and applications and engage with relevant stakeholders and leading entities in ICT governance in order to propose a framework for managing new and future technologies. This framework will guide the programme of the CTO’s Commonwealth ICT Round Table, ensuring its content remains relevant at all times.

Manager, ICT standards and standardisation for the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services in South Africa

Mpho Leseka

Currently working on ICT standards and standardisation for the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services in South Africa, will be focusing on research about over-the-top (OTT) services and applications.
The CTO was mandated by Commonwealth ICT ministers in June 2016 to carry out a study on OTTs. Working with key CTO stakeholders and regional organisations and using the input gained from a survey carried out by the CTO last year, Mpho will outline potential regulatory responses and policy approaches for managing OTTs