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Visa Information

It is customary to organise visa on arrival for delegates who do not have a Sierra Leone High Commission in their countries. For this purpose NATCOM is requested to liaise with the immigration authorities and provide details well in advance to the delegates. NATCOM will make arrangements with the Immigration Department for landing visas for delegates who require visas to Sierra Leone.


Country Profile

Sierra Leone is a tropical country on the coast of West Africa bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. With an area of 71,740km², the country is slightly larger than Ireland. Its landscape offers a flat    coastal belt. The eastern region of the country is covered by hills and high mountains, part of the Guinea highlands. Mount Bintumani within the Loma Mountains in Koinadugu (Northern Province) is the highest peak in country. The main rivers in the country are the Tai, Sewa and Moa rivers.

Sierra Leone has a population of 7million people. Its capital city is Freetown; situated in the north/west of the country at the coast of the North Atlantic. The country lies within Africa’s tropical zone with a climate that offers two seasons in a year; the rainy season (May -November) and the dry season (November-April).

The country has one international airport (Freetown International Airport) located outside the capital in a town called Lungi. Passengers are required to either travel by boat from the airport to Freetown or travel by land through Port Loko, in the Northern Region to Freetown. Travel by boat from Lungi to Freetown takes between 25-30 mins whereas travel by road through Port Loko takes approximately 3hours.

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Coins: £1, £2, 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p
Banknotes: £5, £10, £20 and £50
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English is the official language of the United Kingdom. Cornish, Irish, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Ulster-Scots and Welsh are recognised as regional languages.
Time zone
Greenwich Mean Time Zone (UTC+00:00)
International dialling code: +44
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