Human Resources & ICT Forum 2022

Adapt, Innovate and Evolve: The Roles of HR and ICT

Date: 25th – 26th May 2022
Location: London, UK
Venue: Middlesex University

In today’s dynamic and fluid market environment, the key to any organisation’s survival will be rooted in its ability to adapt, innovate and evolve, in a tumultuous era of uncertainty.

The CTO Human Resources and ICT Forum 2022 emphasised the need for organisations to adapt for survival in the post-Covid-19 era. It encouraged organisations to foster a culture of innovation as an essential element of the adaptation process for achieving competitiveness. The Forum emphasised the need for data to support decision-making as organisations adapt and evolve.

Event objectives
The objectives of the forum were to:

      • Consider the post-Covid-19 era and the quest for business relevance and competitiveness
      • Explain the expanding role of HR in enhancing business innovation
      • Identify conditions and means for promoting effective innovation
      • Share practical steps to embedding technology in HR practices and systems
      • Present practical examples of businesses that adapted, innovated and successfully evolved.

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