Revision of Namibia’s ICT Policy and Implementation Plan, and Strategic Plan Initiative

Client name: Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN), Namibia
Duration: 2013 to 2014


In June 2013, the CTO was commissioned by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) to revise Namibia’s ICT Policy and Implementation Plan, and Strategic Plan Initiative. Its objectives were to revise and update the 2009 Namibian ICT Policy; update CRAN’s 2012-14 Strategic plan; design performance agreements and monitoring tools for CRAN; drafting CRAN’s 2014-16 Strategic Plan and delivering a five-day training course on ICT Regulatory Ethics, Leadership and Professionalism to CRAN’s management team and board of directors.

The CTO held consultations and situational analysis sessions during the project. In addition, the CTO helped to identify the priorities, goals and difficulties of the strategic plan; evaluate findings and other legal, policy and regulatory framework institutional relations; establish objectives and targets, planning and results, decision-making processes and the ability to synchronise with other sectors; and recommend key performance matrix and result-based systems for monitoring and evaluation.

Expected impact

  • Expansion of market growth and competition in Namibia; 
  • Creation of an equitable, fair, just and competitive ICT environment based on principles of free market and open, unfettered access to products and services;
  • Creation of a market structure that facilitates the reduction of international bandwidth prices through the establishment of competition in the telecommunications sector;
  • Roll-out of services by operators in high-cost areas and including public institutions;
  • Development of the broadband market, next-generation networks (NGNs) and next-generation access (NGA), and innovative services;
  • Postal market reform and development;
  • Increased access to converged ICT infrastructure, services and content to all underserved and unserved areas and populations of Namibia;
  • More efficient use of spectrum;
  • Support for cybersecurity policies and mandates

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Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia

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