February 4th, 2016

Trinidad & Tobago to host 2016 Caribbean Broadband Forum

LONDON, 4 FEBRUARY 2016 – Trinidad & Tobago will host the 2016 Caribbean Broadband Forum. The event will take place on 14 – 15 July 2016 at the Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain Trinidad.

The positive impact of broadband access on economic development is widely evidenced globally, and as with other regions of the world, most Caribbean countries have adopted specific broadband policies, or at least policies with targets for broadband, in order to accelerate access to broadband connectivity by all. However, implementing such policies requires significant public as well as private sector investment.

On average, countries of the Caribbean do not markedly differ from the rest of the world with an average fixed broadband penetration of 12%. However, with an average 27% mobile broadband penetration, the region is significantly below the world average of 41%.

Organised by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) and hosted by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, the July event is expected to address challenges and opportunities for broadband in the Caribbean, including:

  • impact of broadband access on the economic development of the region
  • progress on national broadband plans
  • regulatory factors affecting broadband access in specific Caribbean countries
  • long-haul and last mile solutions, including 4G/LTE
  • infrastructure financing broadband applications, IoT and Big Data, and
  • spectrum opportunities
  • “We understand the peculiar challenges faced by most countries of the region, not least the growing spill over of broadcasting audiences embracing on-demand viewing alternatives over broadband networks. Nevertheless, broadband access should be a right for all, not a privilege of a few, and so this event is part of our efforts to help accelerate universal broadband access for all Caribbean citizens.” said Shola Taylor, Secretary-General of the CTO.

    “Trinidad & Tobago is committed to universal access to broadband, as we recognise the important contribution fast and reliable access to the Internet makes to our economic development. Since this event is open to all Caribbean islands and not just members of the Commonwealth, it will be an opportunity to collectively address some of the common challenges we still face, and so we look forward to welcoming delegates from the whole region in July.” said Cris Seecheran, Chief Executive Officer of the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad & Tobago.

    The CTO has been actively promoting broadband over the past 10 years within and beyond the Caribbean. Later this month, the Organisation will release a report on satellite solutions for increasing broadband access in East Africa. For the Caribbean 2016 event, the CTO has been pledged active support from regional organisation Caribbean Telecommunications Union as supporting partner.

    For more information, contact Marcel Belingue at communications@cto.int or +44 20 8600 3816

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