December 7th, 2015

Nigeria’s broadcasting regulator NBC to host the 2016 African Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum

LONDON, 7 DECEMBER 2015 – The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) of Nigeria will host the African Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum 2016, following the signing of a hosting agreement with the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) last week. The event will take place on 11 – 13 May 2016 in Abuja.

Held almost exclusively in South Africa since it was launched in 2006, the annual event is moving to West Africa for the first time.

“The economic potential for broadcasting on the continent is yet to be fully tapped into. Nigeria has a lot to offer, and so we are excited at hosting this event next year and we look forward to engaging media regulators and broadcasters from the continent and beyond, here in Abuja”, said Emeka Mba, NBC’s Director-General.

Shola Taylor, Secretary-General of the CTO, commended Mr Mba for seizing the opportunity to host Africa’s broadcasting industry in Nigeria: “When it comes to broadcasting, Nigeria is a destination of choice and a reference on the continent and increasing also in the world, and on behalf of members of the CTO Council, I must commend you for seizing this opportunity so promptly.” Mr Taylor said.

In previous years, the event had focused predominantly on the technical, regulatory and costs aspects of the digital migration process, attracting key private sector players such as production, transmission and end-user equipment manufacturers, as well as satellite carriers and content distributors.

“This will be the first Commonwealth broadcasting event held for the region since the first internationally agreed switchover deadline of 17 June this year, and as most countries accelerate their migration to digital systems, we expect next year’s event to put more emphasis on content production and business models.” Mr Taylor confirmed.

Established in 1992, NBC is the parastatal of the Federal Government of Nigeria mandated to regulate the broadcasting sector in the Nigeria.

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