July 18th, 2014

Former CTO CEO, elected as Minister for Trade and Industry in cabinet reshuffle in Ghana

18 July 2014 – We are delighted to share the news that Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah former Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation from 2004 to 2012 has been appointed by President John Mahama as Ghana’s Minister for Trade and Industry in the latest cabinet reshuffle. As part of this role Dr Spio-Garbrah will be developing a vibrant, technology-driven, liberalised and competitive trade and industry sector that will contribute to Ghana’s economic growth and employment creation, particularly involving mass mobilisation of rural communities and other vulnerable groups including women.

The role of the Ministry of Trade & Industry is to act as the lead policy advisor to government on trade, industrial and private sector development with responsibility for the formulation and implementation of policies for the promotion, growth and development of domestic and international trade and industry. The Ministry is also the advocate for the private sector within government and is the principal agency responsible for monitoring and implementing the Government’s private sector development programmes and activities. It further ensures that Ghana derives maximum benefit from international trade relations and that domestic trade is conducted in a smooth and orderly manner.

The CTO would like to take this opportunity to wish Dr Spio-Garbrah all the best in this new and exciting role.