April 13th, 2016

First 2016 Regulating ICTs workshop starts in London

Regulating ICTs, a workshop series organised by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) for senior officials in ICT policy, regulation and operations is attended this week by participants from Bangladesh, Botswana, Mauritius, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago and the UK.

LONDON, 11 APRIL 2016 – Twenty participants, primarily members of boards of communications regulatory agencies, are taking part in the CTO’s first Regulating ICTs workshop for 2016. The high-level workshop is taking place from 11 – 15 April 2016 in London.

Participants at the London workshop, 11 – 15 April 2016

Regulating ICTs is a high-level workshop series designed for board members and senior officials in ICT policymaking, regulation and operations.

“Providing senior decision makers, such as board members of regulatory agencies, civil servants charged with policymaking and officials leading operations, with the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions is a key component of the CTO’s strategy to build the capacity of stakeholders. The popularity of this CTO workshop series, now in its third year, validates our approach. We were privileged to have delegates representing all corners of the Commonwealth at this workshop and we look forward to similarly diverse and high-powered participation at the two other workshops planned for 2016, in July and October.” said Shola Taylor, Secretary-General of the CTO as he welcomed the participants.

Content delivered is focused on addressing current issues participants and their organisations face currently. For Sonia Oshor Williams, Commissioner, National Telecommunications Commission, Sierra Leone “this workshop is interesting and very appropriate for members of regulatory authorities in Commonwealth countries. Some of the sessions so far have been very interactive and solution-based, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The workshop also enables us to do comparable analyses as we discuss similar challenges we and our counterparts face and also find similar solutions.”

For Thulisile Manzini, Deputy Director-General of Administration at South Africa’s Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, “this workshop is very timely as it will assist South Africa with the finalisation of our White Paper on integration of ICT regulation. The presentations so far have provided useful solutions for government and emphasised the crucial role regulators must play in regulating the ICT space.”

“This workshop provides delegates with information and advice we can take home and share locally. The CTO has done well to provide Commonwealth countries with the opportunity to share experiences and solutions, and I call on the CTO to arrange more such workshops in the future.” said Dr Md Abu Sayed Khan, Member, Finance at Bangladesh Telecommunications Company.

Sessions are delivered by experts from the ICT sector describing the key challenges faced by the sector and featuring proven solutions that can be easily implemented. The workshops series also includes a number of industry visits to London-based organisations, including BT.

Specific topics to be discussed this week include:

  • Overview of ICT policy, regulation and operation
  • Domain name system
  • Transition of IANA stewardship
  • The economics of regulation and options for action
  • Numbering as a public good and a key revenue generator
  • Cloud and media
  • Big Data, Internet of Things and spectrum
  • Influencing global decisions on ICTs: the role of international organisations
  • Internet governance
  • Understanding spectrum and the digital dividend
  • Universal service/access funds: models around the world
  • Consumer issues and management
  • National broadband strategies
  • Social media and regulation
  • TV White Space and access in Africa
  • Factors for investment decisions

The next workshop will take place on 18 – 22 July 2016, also in London.

About the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) is the oldest and largest Commonwealth intergovernmental organisation in the field of information and communication technologies. Although our history can be traced back to 1901 with the establishment of the Pacific Cable Board, the organisation has only existed in its present form as an intergovernmental treaty organisation since 1967. With a diverse membership spanning developed and least developed countries, small island developing states, and more recently also the private sector and civil society, the CTO aims to become a trusted partner for sustainable development for all through ICTs. More information about us here