July 8th, 2015

CTO and partners highly commended by the European Commission for recently concluded we.learn.it project

The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, AALTO University Finland, Stockholm University, European Learning Industry Group, OECD, Institute of Education (University of London), MENON Network and Intel have been highly commended by the European Commission reviewers for the effective delivery of the we.learn.it project report. The reviewers report acknowledged how the project successfully designed and implemented an ecosystem that makes challenge-based educational opportunities possible.

The European Union (EU) review report stated “overall, the quality of the results is high and outcomes have exceeded original targets in terms of participation in the pilot Learning Expeditions process”

A special mention was given to specific elements of the report, in particular the development and implementation of the new learning scenarios including the concept of learning expeditions which has been instrumental in actively engaging the students and facilitators across Europe in a number of immersive, collaborative and creative learning experience. Project partners are now developing methods to initiate a sustainable development plan for the long-term use of this project.

To find out more information about this project please contact Dr Martin Koyabe or visit http://we.learn.it/about.

Further Information:

For more information on the programme please contact:
Dr Martin Koyabe, Head of Research and Consultancy Division
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