ICT data for The Gambia

The CTO is committed to providing as much relevant and up-to-date information about the ICT sector in Member Countries as possible. A summary of ICT information for the Gambia is provided below (link for a .pdf document containing a much fuller set of information).

Government Institutions
Principal Government Institution Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure

Minister: Hon. Nana Grey-Johnson
Regulator Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
Other agencies
Gambia Printing and Publishing Corporation
Latest indicators
Mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants 0.24 (2009)
Fixed (wired) broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants 0.03 (2012)
Estimated Internet Users per 100 inhabitants 12.45 (2012)
Fixed telephone subscriptions 64,196 (2012)
Fixed telephone subscriptions per 100 inhabitants 3.52 (2012)
Mobile cellular telephone subscriptions 1,526,191 (2012)
Mobile cellular telephone subscriptions per 100 inhabitants 83.64 (2012)
Mobile Operators
Africell 900/1800 MHz GSM
Comium 900/1800 MHz GSM (GPRS)
Gamcell 900 MHz GSM
Qcell 900 MHz GSM, 2100 MHz UMTS
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