Job Vacancy: Secretary General

The Role of the Secretary-General

The Secretary-General (SG) is the public face of the organisation and is responsible for its office leadership and giving direction and clarity to the organisation’s strategic and policy development.

The priorities for the new SG will be to ensure a smooth transition to the changes from the revised constitution, raising the profile of the organisation to attract investment for programme development and delivery, by developing local and international business partnerships with both private and public sectors and expanding the current membership base.

Job Description

The appointment, which is for a four year renewable contract period, is open to citizens of those Commonwealth Countries which are full members of the CTO. A list of members can be found on the previous page.

The SG of the CTO is responsible to the organisation’s governing Council for:

  • Advising Council on all aspects of the organisation’s strategic development;
  • Acting as the ambassador for the organisation in meetings with leading figures in government, private industry and with development agencies;
  • Managing the planning and delivery of the organisation’s established programmes and activities in the best interests of the organisation and its members;
  • Managing the planning and delivery of the organisation’s established programmes and activities in the best interests of the organisation and its members;
  • Developing and securing funding for new programmes of work in accordance with the organisation’s relationships with its member-countries and sector members, with other international organisations and funding agencies, governments and businesses;
  • Exercising financial control and budgetary management of the organisation and its programmes;
  • Managing the CTO Secretariat at its Headquarters in London.

Key Deliverables

  • Provision of a clear strategic direction for the CTO and overall leadership;
  • Delivery of CTO programmes and activities to a high standard of performance;
  • Introduction of new programmes and activities related to the requirements of member countries and of the international ICT and development communities;
  • Securing new funding agreements with existing and potential donors/funders;
  • Full implementation of the new Constitution and Rules of Procedure agreed by the CTO Council;
  • Effective delivery of outputs established in the organisation’s Business Plan;
  • Developing and maintaining a high reputation for the CTO;
  • Increased national and sector (i.e. development and business partner) membership;
  • Effective financial control and management;
  • Facilitating a culture that inspires and motivates all employees;
  • Actively seeking out and promoting initiatives that improve and maximise efficiency and make best use of resources;
  • Developing a succession plan within the management team.

Person Specification

As a potential candidate, you will be assessed against the following key requirements for the post:


  • A university Business degree, preferably a PHD, Master Degree or an MBA;
  • Solid track record of strong leadership, building and motivating effective and productive teams in an organisation of comparable size;
  • Strong administrative and financial skills demonstrated in a senior strategic role;
  • Establishing, managing and developing collaborative working relationships with a range of internal and external bodies;
  • Experience and understanding of international communications issues, policy and technology;
  • Experience and understanding of international development issues, including social and economic development;
  • A track record of negotiating, influencing and persuading others at a senior level both internally and externally;
  • A record of achievement in securing funding from external sources including funding agencies and the private sector;
  • Effective communication at all levels often covering complex and wide ranging subjects;
  • Experience in developing and implementing innovative measures.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to establish credibility quickly, particularly in new areas of influence;
  • A consultative and facilitative style with the ability to influence others where appropriate;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to provide direction and leadership in a way that inspires confidence and commitment and encourages ideas, innovation and initiative from others;
  • Ability to demonstrate authority, commitment, consistency and fairness;
  • Ability to think clearly and analytically, grasp complex issues and develop sound judgments in a sensitive environment;
  • Strong influencing and negotiating skills at the most senior levels to lead, develop and participate in partnerships and strategic alliances;
  • Robust and comfortable with operating in a challenging environment;
  • Committed to the efficient and effective management of financial resources and staff.

Other key Attributes

  • Commitment to the role and mandate of the CTO;
  • Ability to demonstrate authority, commitment, consistency and fairness;
  • Politically astute and aware.