Job Vacancy: Secretary General

Background and History

The CTO is one of the largest and most important institutions within the Commonwealth of Nations – the fifty-four-member-country international grouping of countries around the world. Since 1967, it has been structured as an international treaty organisation, independent of the Commonwealth Secretariat and with diplomatic status in its host country, the UK. Thirty-five Commonwealth countries make financial contributions to the organisation, represented by its governing Council.

The work of the organisation falls into three main areas:
  • Communications Policy and Regulation;
  • Communications Business Development; and
  • Communications for Social and Economic Development.
The CTO’s work today extends beyond telecommunications to embrace the Internet and the wider group of information and communication technologies, known as ICTs. It also works with countries outside as well as within the Commonwealth. Since 1983, the CTO has delivered:
  • over 3000 bilateral technical cooperation projects;
  • more than 120 international conferences and seminars;
  • a variety of scholarship schemes, information resources and other activities of value to the governments and telecommunications businesses in Commonwealth countries;
  • liberalisation of global and national telecoms and ICT markets;
  • commercialisation and privatisation of (usually formerly state-owned) businesses, particularly fixed telecommunications businesses;
  • the introduction of independent regulation of telecoms and ICTs;
  • convergence between the telecommunications and other bit transmission industries; and<
  • the rapid development of new technologies and businesses within the sector, including mobile/cellular telephony and, particularly, internet businesses and services.

The Organisation currently delivers some 200 technical cooperation projects and 10 international conferences and workshops each year – a significant proportion of all technical cooperation undertaken within the Commonwealth. The CTO also works with development agencies and individual countries. It is, for example, the lead agency on policy and regulatory issues in ICT issues for the UK Department for International Development’s programme ‘Building Digital Opportunities’.